Specialized in the field of technology, Diginex is a company that has a strong impact on organizations by helping them solve their ESG problems. Thanks to blockchain technology, it also helps them with sustainability issues. Diginex has been working since its creation to change and increase transparency. Want to know more about this company? Read the article here.

What are Diginex's missions?

The main goal of the Diginex company is to support organizations that express the desire to be more responsible. With this in mind, this advice giver provides them with support in realizing the business benefits of ESG as well as in making decisions based on the data. This not only reduces risk, but also capitalizes on growth opportunities and builds resilience. With the technology put in place by Diginex, organizations have a much better chance of accelerating their growth and perpetuating their business models. All of this has the end result of building a better future.

What are Diginex's offers?

Since its creation in 2017, the technology company Diginex has been providing its customers with smart, affordable and accessible products with the aim of spreading sustainability. It is a company that currently has a global team of more than 80 technology and impact experts. Diginex has already had to contribute with major technology partners worldwide such as the United Nations, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

What are the revolutionary tools developed by Diginex?

As an end-to-end solution provider for organizations' sustainability needs, Diginex has implemented a multitude of tools and platforms. These include, among others, diginexESG, a blockchain-enabled ESG platform that makes the ESG journey for companies easier, more comfortable and faster. The revolutionary diginexLUMEN is a tool whose function is to increase transparency and drive change, improve supply chains while helping to mitigate risk. The diginexCLIMATE environmental management software is used by companies to measure and improve their carbon footprint. Diginex's team of experts is also available, through diginexADVISORY, to offer high-quality advice and services around ESG.