The arrival of Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market has innovated major technologies such as connected watches. They are more and more attractive, especially for lovers of new technology. What is a smartwatch, and how does it work?

What is a connected watch?

A connected watch, also called a smartwatch, is a computerized wristwatch with functions that go beyond simply displaying the time and timing. It has characteristics similar to those of a PDA (personal digital assistant). They can be thought of as handheld computers. Smartwatches are mostly equipped with a digital screen that allows information to be displayed. They are real miniaturized computers. Connected watches each have a unique IMEI serial number that identifies them. Even if your watch is lost or stolen, you can have the IMEI number deactivated and then declared in the loss and theft databases. Serial numbers are often used to combat fraudulent activity. Like smartphones, connected watches must be recharged every day.

How smartwatches work.

Smartwatches have wireless connectivity that allows them to operate using technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Some so-called autonomous connected watches allow calls to be made, received or rejected. These watches work like Smartphones. They can therefore send or receive e-mails and text messages. Simple smartwatches receive alerts or notifications for emails or social networks. Connected watches integrate sophisticated communication functions: voice recognition, notification from the Smartphones to which they are connected. Some smartwatches that run on an operating system can run mobile applications. These applications include the weather forecast, FM radio reception, digital file playback (audio or video). Further still, smartwatches have features such as measuring the wearer's physical activity (heart and respiratory rate, calories, pedometer).