The correct handling of a welding machine depends very much on the quality of the material and the object to be processed. This means that the condition of the metal to be welded must be taken into account. As an illustration, you cannot process a pipeline in the same way as you would process a fuel tank. When we talk about a plasma welder, we have to understand that it is a welding that consists of high precision and advanced processes. This means that you can process metals such as cast iron, aluminium, steel, gold, etc. with enormous performance. Find in this a mini guide on how to use the plasma welder.

First, you need to prepare the material

On the website, you will discover the whole guide in its entirety. Feel free to click on it. Before you start plasma welding, you need to gather all the right equipment and materials. You need to be sure you have your equipment right.

Check the power source

This step is crucial in the process. Here, you need to make sure that your machine is functional and that the welding device is switched on. The power source provides powerful energy to the device, allowing it to function normally. With plasma, you will reach very high temperatures because the plasma is generated in an ionised gas universe. So, thanks to the generator, the device consumes an adaptable electrical intensity.

You have to prepare the welding torch, the water recirculation, the torch accessories

Regarding the welding torch, it is used to control and direct the plasma flow. So you have to make sure that it works well. The water recirculation is to get the hot water out of the welding machine. It therefore promotes optimal work. The accessories of the welding torch are the electrode, the nozzle and the nozzle. It is therefore important to ensure that all of these are working properly. Then you can choose the metals to be processed.